Madras and Tonic debuts!

So, I wanted to start something fun and funky – a blog that incorporates my love for photography, great reads and also my favorite finds from the web and beyond.   The “Madras and Tonic” name idea came from the notion of mixing things together and seeing what you get (as this blog will be a mismash of photos, fashion, and other little tidbits that I came across and wanted to share), and of course, a nod to all things preppy.

Hope you enjoy! XO Christina

The Chalkboard Wall

(photo from Apartment Therapy)

This is something that I’ve been obsessing about for a while.  Chalkboard walls.  I love them and want to add one to our house but it’s just a matter of where (in our office? in P’s room? the kitchen to write grocery lists and favorite recipes on? Behind our bed and we can draw different headboards a la the movie “500 Days of Summer?” I have a framed chalkboard that I have yet to hang.  I’m more drawn to the idea of an entire wall being painted.  It would even be cool to do a half bath and have people sign it when you have parties (hmmm….).  You can click on the photo for step-by-step instructions on how to create your own.

Sweet Dreams

(photo courtesy of “Ming Makes Cupcakes blog”)

Yeah, we all know how trendy cupcakes are these days, but have to say, the few that I’ve had from specialty cupcake shops have not really knocked my socks off.  Came across this great blog recently, Ming Makes Cupcakes and this site had me at the cream cheese frosting, awesome photos and very different variations of DIY cupakes (think key lime pie or the above which I plan to make this fall, Cupcake No. 15 – Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting).  Be sure to check out Ming’s cookies and savories as well.  Love that there’s also a text link for easy print out to get cookin’.

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