Signed, Sealed & Delivered

I was talking to a friend’s mother recently and we were saying how the handwritten thank you note has become something of the past (with the invention of email) and how the art and importance of good penmanship is no longer taught.  I cringe when I think of how young people’s short hand text has become the norm for communicating. “IMHO U Suck!”

For those who know me well, I still send handwritten notes (who doesn’t like to receive mail, right?) and wanted to share some of my favorite personalized papers, books and sites to help you share your thoughts and gratitude.

Apparently Jackie O wrote a hand-written thank you immediately after any event or luncheon she attended.  My rule is I try to get my notes out as quickly as possible.   If you’re not sure how to get started, “the Art of the Handwritten Note” by Margaret Shepard helps you to express who you are on paper and shares the basics for writing any type of note.  The book is available for $10.88 from

(image courtesy of

Regardless of whether you’re male or female, everyone should have personalized stationery (people will take notice if you’re sending a handwritten thank you vs. an email to a prospective boss after an interview).  Something simple in design can have a big impact.   William Arthur has this classic & elegant stationery that starts at $133 for 25 cards.  I can picture these on Don Draper’s desk.

(photo courtesy of William Arthur)

I think the calling card is a darling idea.  I’ve seen a lot of kid’s motifs on calling cards for play dates but think having your own is refreshing.  It beats having to dig through your bag for a crumbled piece of paper and pen.  It’ll make an impression (and is definitely more interesting than a boring business card).  One of my favorite stationers, Preppy Cards, makes the one below. (Set of 50 cards starts at $65).

(photo courtesy of Preppy Cards)

I am in looove with Felix Doolittle products and have my own stationery as well as stationery for P.  My neighbor always teases me that my 11 month old son has his own stationery, but hey, it’s great for thank you notes for gifts.  I especially love the small note cards because the the motifs are darling and something you don’t see every day. Felix also does wedding, baby, dinner party invitations, return address labels and much more.  His illustrations are pretty incredible and I can never decide which ones to order! And yes, Oprah is a fan.

(photo courtesy of Felix Doolittle)

If you really want to go all out and like beautiful, ornate letterpress, check out Wiley Valentine.  My best friend and I were “oohing” and “aahing” as we flipped through their sample book at our favorite stationery place.  The baby announcements were absolutely beautiful and their custom monograms are incredible.  I may just have to have a dressy dinner party just so I can send these out and wish I had seen Wiley when we were getting married.  I definitely would’ve blown my budget.  Luckily they just started a Studio Line if you want luxe without the hefty price tag.

(photos courtesy of Wiley Valentine)

If you’re short on time but still want to send a personalized thank you via email, my new favorite is  I received a baby shower invitation via Paperless Post and loved it.  You click on an envelope and your card opens to what looks like a piece of personalized stationery.  I love this site for sending quick thank yous to friends. And it’s a great site for save the dates and other invitations (I used it to get my family together for Easter).  They have fun designs and fonts that look like handwriting and a section where you can create your own monogram to add.  It’s fun to customize notes for each friend or family member.  You can try it for free and there’s also a subscription service (I think it’s $15-$25 a year?)

(photo courtesy of Paperless Post)

Iomoi Stationery is a Bay Area based stationer and has colorful designs that would go perfectly with your Tory Burch Revas.  Iomoi, along with their paper, has desk and home accessories as well as really cool custom canvas bags with your initials (if you don’t want to shell out the $$ for a custom LV purse).

(photos courtesy of Iomoi)


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