Wild things…

My neighbor and good friend Erin teases me about having multiple orange jackets and coats (3+ and counting) and I also have multiple pairs of cheetah ballet flats (with my latest purchase being yesterday), but hey, I love them. They go perfectly with boyfriend jeans and a blazer or with a sleek pencil skirt for an evening out.  Here are my recommendations:

(photo courtesy of Endless.com)

Love that these are a totally different take on the typical hair calf animal print flat.  Sometimes sequins can be too over the top, but I love these.  They’d look awesome with a pair of green khakis and a little white tee. You can find them for $73.00 from Endless.com (I surf Endless all the time and love the prices).

(photo courtesy of Endless.com)

Singers and actresses are not just singers and actresses anymore.  They’re building empires.  And yes, Jessica Simpson has her own shoe line now (which is quite cute and frankly, surprises me).  This is a darling flat that combines the jewel toe trend as well as the animal print.  And you can’t beat ballet flats for $79.00.   They’re available from my favorite shoe site, Endless.com.

(photo courtesy of Banana Republic)

O.k, so don’t laugh, but I also bought these this fall (not sure if this now falls into ballet cheetah fetish).  The best thing about it? These are from Banana Republic for $98.00 and almost the exact same shoe is at Kate Spade for almost $300. Very comfortable and simply chic.

(photo courtesy of Nordstrom)

I couldn’t pass up these Classiques Entier shoes I found at Nordstrom today for $119.95.  As I was doing to lap around the mirror, I overheard this woman ask the sales lady if they were the Jimmy Choos.  Awesome that she thought they were designer (but without the hefty designer price tag).  They’re calf hair and the aubergine suede bow is a darling touch. I’m also a sucker for pointy toe flats (and sling backs).

(photo courtesy of Tory Burch)

Tory Burch’s Reva flat was inspired by her mother and her gold medallion logo has become recognized everywhere as a symbol of grown up style.  I love this calf hair flat and could see this with skinny black pants.  They’re available by clicking here for $225.00.

(photo courtesy of Barneys.com)

If money was no object, I’d have all the Prada shoes and purses that the company offers.  Their shoes are pretty amazing and very sleek.  I adore these animal print hair calf buckle flats, but like I’ve listed above, you can still have glamorous looking shoes without paying an arm and a leg.  If you’re not worried about blowing more than your car payment, the Prada’s are $695.00 and are available at Barneys.

(photo courtesy of Barneys.com)

I was having a bad day a few years ago and marched into Saks determined to buy a pair of Louboutins (never a good idea to recklessly spend money when you’re having a tough day).   When I tried on a few pairs of their heels, I could barely walk and I went from being 5’7 to 6’1.  My sore back would’ve been a lot worse (it’s amazing how Victoria Beckham makes it look so easy!).  If you’re after the signature red sole but still want the look of the ballet flat, these sweet flats are available for $725.00 from Barneys.  If only I was Gwyneth Paltrow, right?


Head Bored

I am bored with the fact that we don’t have a headboard in our bedroom and want to do something fun.  We have a sleigh bed in the guest room and it’s well…..eh.  Thought I’d share some amazing headboards I’ve come across for inspiration.  I always fall back on the idea on doing something french country-ish, but then also love the idea of a very bold headboard (to really tie the room together, haa!).  We have grey paint in the room with white trim, so really it’s anything goes.

(photo courtesy of Lonny Magazine)

This is very romantic and not really my style but love the linen material of this headboard with the studs (and the pictures hanging on either side of the bed).  I would do a navy and white comforter cover.

(photo courtesy of Lonny Magazine)

I nearly died when I saw this.  Very bold and dramatic, and love the idea of twin beds in the guest room.  Orange and brown,  Very 70s! If only Studio 54 had a hotel, this is how the rooms would be decorated (with mini disco balls hanging over each bed).  Orange is probably my favorite color and I love this idea.  If I had a city town house somewhere, these might just work!

(photo courtesy of Rue Magazine)

This was kind of a “holy sh*t” moment when I first saw this photo in the new issue of Rue Magazine online.  OMG, everything pulled together I looove.  The suede headboard. The monogram comforter cover.  The chandelier.  The framed mirrors behind the mirrored side tables.   It’s chic, simple, dramatic, and very clean all at once.  The combination of white, navy and grey is fabulous.

(photo courtesy of Apartment therapy)

This mirror over the bed is simply stunning. It gives the room a bigger, airy feel and looks like a fabulous antique find.  The mix of materials here (the various woods and mosquito net hanging over the bed) gives the plain white wall and comforter a little pizazz. Apartment therapy online has a lot of cool do it yourself headboards and the creativity is endless.

(photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy)

I think of this headboard as kind of crazy luxury.  It’s very over the top, decadent yet beautiful.  It reminds me of a chic hotel room and love all the sharp angles.  The mirror adds a little flair to what could other wise look like a flat wall and gives it a unique dimension.  At first glance, the room can look busy but the more you look at it, it seems perfectly balanced.  And hey, more is more.