Spring Picks 2012

One of my friends recently asked, “Are you still doing your ‘Madras & Tonic’ blog? I loved it.”  For a second I had to remember what she was talking about it’s been so long.  The craziness of a 2 year old, a photography business, a husband who travels frequently and a yellow lab who thinks she’s 2 has kept me busy. 

I wanted to post a few of my “favorite things” I’ve come across recently for Spring.  Can’t wait for the weather to get warm to start wearing some of these looks!



I love love love J.Crew shorts.  I love that they come in a couple of different lengths and they go with everything (I’ve had a few pairs for years and they’ve broken in quite nicely).  I’m excited to wear these this year with a boatneck sailor shirt and ballet flats or Jack Purcell’s (when am I NOT wearing a sailor shirt?) And I just got them in tennis court green.  They’re $45.00 and you can purchase them by clicking here.

When I was in LA last month, I stumbled across the Pretty Ballerinas shop.  It was an entire wall of ballerina flats (I was in heaven) and couldn’t decide on just one pair.  If money was no object, I’d have the Chanel black and tan ones that I crave every time I see them at Saks but $450 just is too much!  Save money (these are $199) and still wear something adorable.   These can be purchased by clicking here.


If you’re a fan of Tory Burch like me, her ex Christopher just opened his Tory-like shop, C. Wonder in New York.  For us West Coasters, it’s great there’s an affordable online shop where you can purchase housewares, clothing, jewelry and accessories.  I love this orange pillow cover for $44


This charming leather pink wallet for $68.00 (I especially love it because it has my initial)


This elbow patch sweater for $78.00 (would look great with a pair of your J.Crew shorts!)


and this Violette decorative plate for $8.00 to put in your bathroom and stash your jewelry.


You can visit the C.Wonder online store by clicking here.

I think dainty gold jewelry is so pretty, especially when layered together and paired with a simple white t-shirt or blazer for going out.  I found this arrow on Etsy for $21.00 that I think is darling and is a perfect thing for day and night (as well as make a great gift!).  You can purchase it by clicking here


I’m always looking for the perfect nail polish color for toes for warm weather.  I found this one last year from OPI called Elephantastic Pink and can’t get enough of it.  It looks great with every skin tone.  To purchase, click here.


O.k, I’m going to name drop here. I was standing next to Cameron Diaz in the bathroom (yes, on my LA trip) and noticed she was wearing a beautiful diamond and gold bangle on each wrist.  I loved how thin they were and complimented her on them (really…what else are you going to say to an A-list celebrity while waiting for a bathroom stall?).  I’m venturing to guess they’re the ones by Jennifer Meyer and can be found by clicking here.   It says “price upon request” which translates to “expensive.” If your sugar daddy can afford it, have him by you 3.  They look great stacked together. Check it out. 


For your next outdoor soiree, make a drink with a bit of a twist on the traditional like the cranberry margarita.  It’s always a nice little surprise for your guest to serve something a bit unexpected. For the recipe, click here 


Having a two year old who is always grabbing your sunglasses off your face is not good.  I promised myself a few years ago that I was going to take great care of my glasses but to no avail they ended up in the bottom of my purse or thrown into the passenger seat of my car.  Over time, of course the lenses were scratched.  I wanted to replace the pair and did a little research online and found them for $66.75 (which is awesome because Macy’s is selling them for $125).  Look for these Ralph Lauren sunglasses and other brands by clicking here


This Spring season I’m foregoing my LL Bean canvas bag for something smaller and more chic.  Saw this bag by Baggu in a window in SF and it stopped me in my tracks.  I had to buy it (and why not for $24?).   Me? Sailor Stripes? No!  Comes in a number of colors.  You’ll look trey Parisian toting this. For more colors and all types of shapes and sizes, click here


Well, that’s it for now.  I’m hoping to revisit this blog more often with great finds, ideas, etc.  And thanks Kealy for telling me your missed my blog! 




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