Patio dinner party

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81 degrees today and I realized I have no short sleeve t-shirts! Ugh!

We were outside yesterday evening and it was so beautiful.  I can’t wait to start planning and hosting evening dinners on the patio (I especially want to try some new recipes so if you have any that are favorites, send them my way) with friends and the big man, little man, dog and rabbit (yes, Beyonce).

A few months ago I was with my aunt in San Francisco (trying to share a tiny umbrella in the pouring rain on Sacramento Street) when we ventured into Hudson Grace, a new beautiful home and gift store (with a back wall painted International Orange, the same color as the Golden Gate Bridge).  Stacks of coffee table books featuring stunning interiors, candles, serving bowls and anything you would want to host your next dinner party.  What I liked was the store wasn’t overstocked, but more served as a revolving exhibition of the latest sleek wares for your home.

We fell for the disposable 100% cotton-but-looks-like-linen napkins and placemats by MyDrap.  My aunt was literally speechless.  Couldn’t get over how affordable ($27 for a roll) and elegant these were. They come in every color and if you choose not to tear them off the roll, you can use them as a runner.  I love the grey, pink, blue, green (I swear, I’ll have a drawer full. And I was the one who used to tease my mom about stockpiling pattern disposable napkins.)

It’s a great idea, especially for a birthday party or shower when you want to move away from the typical party supply store stuff.

To purchase, click here (on sale) or visit MyDrap

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 5.32.29 PM

Photos courtesy of and Hudson Grace

We woke up at ten minutes to six this morning to go fishing.  I probably haven’t fished since I was 12, but surprisingly had a great time (to the point that we were saying we wished we had gone without the 3 year old.)  Nothing better than hearing “mommy, I have to go potty!” While your bass are biting.  Did I ever think I’d say that? No.

One of my friends said, “I can’t picture you fishing.” Well, I haven’t gone full bore yet.  I was standing on the shore in head-to-toe J.Crew.

Enjoy your evening, wherever you are. C

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