Killing Me Softly

The Killing” season 3 premiered last night on AMC (I was counting down the days) and I have to say the show delivered.  It was even better than I thought it would be and I’m happy to have something to DVR since “Mad Men” has only a few episodes left.  Are you watching anything good?


Sorry for not posting something more for today, but I’m scrambling to finish P’s teacher gifts for his last day of school tomorrow.  This always happens to me.  I have Pinterest project ambitions, but then time runs out and I’m like, “where the hell is the double sided tape?”  I am putting together mini flower pots with a gift card and a packet of seeds (thanking them for helping Patrick “grow” – get it?) tied in bakers twine, but then as I was on my way home today, realized I had forgotten to buy the director’s gift certificate (F**K!!!) because I was purchasing it from a different store.   I need a better way on making lists.  Either that or a personal assistant.  Wouldn’t that be rad? “Yeah, can you whip up home made cake pops in the shape of adorable apples and run all over town to every craft store to put together a a semi-non-memorable cheesy gift from my 3 year old that he clearly had no part of?”  Don’t know why I’m bending over backwards.  I’m sure the flower pot is one more piece of shit they have to lug home along with mugs with handprints and their names on them and homemade photo albums.  Awesome.

Pray that I get the gift card, the flower pots assembled, dinner made and all the laundry put away.  Ugh.


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