Looking forward to fall

I think this video, Tory Burch “Making of a Show” by Tabitha Denholm, is beautifully done and sums up the theatrics of what goes on behind the scenes of a big runway show.  Can’t wait for fall!

P and I had such a fun weekend together.  We went swimming (and I was throwing him off the diving board into the pool), went out to lunch, took the plasma car to the park every day and had a race with Bodie along side us, went to a friend’s first birthday and drew our names in the sand at the playground.  He’s getting so big and I love our conversations (like when he asks me if skunks can swim).  I love his little tan lines, his big curls (that I hope never go away), how he can laugh and laugh when I tickle him, and how he says “goodnight and I love you” before I shut his door.  It’s the best age and the worst.  We’ve certainly had out battles, a huge amount of time outs, and moments when he’s so exhausted he’s gone beyond reason.  There are times when I wish he was older, more independent, but after the sweet weekend we had, I don’t want him to grow up so fast.  I want him to still be his snuggly self.  I’ll be sad when he’ll want to walk far in front of me, when he’ll want to spend more time with his friends than us, when he’ll be walking out the door and off to a new adventure without me.

But for now,  I’ll take the car race at the park anytime.



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