The Gift


I recently pulled a box out of the garage of some of my favorite childhood books.  One of them was “Sleeping Beauty” and I grabbed it to read to P.  The first page took my breath away.  Inside was a handwritten note from my mother; a lovely dedication for my 3rd birthday.

It read:

August 15, 1978

“Happy Birthday, Dear Eeens-Beneens! Happy 3rd Year! and Happy Life! and I hope that you will always love life and the “citizens of the world” as much as you seem to Right NOW! – All my precious love to my lovely and charming little girl.  I hope that you also love this book with it’s beautiful illustrations as much as I do….”   Mummy

Coming across this note, 35 years later, as I sat down to read it to my son, was such a wonderful surprise.  Such a gift.  She did this with all of the books she gave us.  The notes were written in her signature felt tip pen and you could hear her voice come through, as if she was sitting in the room.  Whenever I give books to friend’s children, I always make sure I write a sweet note.  Because of her, I realize how important this is to do.

What are you up to this weekend? A good childhood friend of mine is coming over for a swim and dinner.  I’m excited for P to spend some time with her.  Our mothers were best friends and my mom would write many notes to her and her brother in the books she gave them over the years.  I continue to write notes to P in the books I give him because you never know  if he’ll be sitting down to read one to his child after I’m gone.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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